Superior Yoga + Wellness

by Callie Jean Paddock

For about a year, Callie has been offering yoga classes and stand-up paddleboard instruction through her business Superior Yoga + Wellness.

In deciding on a business name, she drew inspiration from Lake Superior – a “no-brainer,” says Callie Jean, who trained last year under Adi Shakti at the Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica. Two slogans – “ride the waves of change” and “live in the flow” – further exemplify the spirit of her business.

“Superior Yoga + Wellness started with a deep love and admiration for the waters of Lake Superior along with a passion to explore, learn and grow,” she says.

“Nature itself exemplifies the beauty of change and teaches us to embrace the inevitable fluctuations of life. I wanted to bring my experiences and story into a form of teaching. Through the practice of yoga, you are able to cultivate oneness or unity within yourself and others. I’ve always been one to struggle with change, and yoga really allowed me to ride the waves of change with ease and grace.”

Her goal as an instructor, she says, “is to provide a space for others to feel empowered and alive.”

“I love seeing customers step outside of their comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar.”

Those acts of empowerment – bringing joy to her clients as well as herself – are also what drive her as an entrepreneur.

“I truly enjoy being able to create something that brings joy to myself and others. I love being able to share passions and interests with others and provide a space for others to explore and cultivate a deeper connection to themselves.”