Superior Creations

by Tammy Asselin

A long-time crafter, Tammy Asselin saw her love for scrapbooking grow into “a bit of an obsession” over the past two decades, leading her to buy a new cutting machine to support her hobby.

“I began making wood signs for myself and friends, and I was encouraged by my family and friends to take my love – or ‘obsession’ – to the next level by sharing the creations with others,” says Tammy, the owner of Superior Creations. “Ideas just kept coming to me; I didn’t get a lot of sleep as I couldn’t shut off my brain, and I stayed up late creating to keep up with my ideas.”

As her inventory grew, taking over her home’s family room, she registered for her first fall fair. While working a full-time job, she’s kept up with her hobby since September 2017.

“The initial response and support was overwhelming and has continued to evolve since that first event,” she says, adding her sons are now in their 20s and her husband often works out of town, and she’s using that extra time to craft.

Through what she calls her “side job,” she offers wood creations, including signs, planters and trays; vinyl-decorated glassware such as wine glasses, mugs and insulated tumblers; flower pots; waste baskets; canvas; ornaments; memorial lanterns and frames; plus heat-pressed pot holders, aprons and socks.

“The possibilities are endless,” says Tammy, and it all ties into the name Superior Creations, which encompasses a broad range of meanings.

“First of all, there’s my love for Lake Superior. My home, where the magic happens, is also located on Superior Avenue, and it is my goal to create superior, quality products.”

A self-described perfectionist, Tammy finds joy in crafting – her lifelong passion – and enjoys challenging herself with complex projects.

“It is my hope to be able to retire in the near future to spend more time doing what I love.”

As for her customers, she works closely with each one to ensure their custom orders are exactly what they originally envisioned.

“I am honoured they are putting their trust in me to create something special that they are bringing into their homes and often gifting to others. The support and feedback I have received has been very kind. Seeing their excitement, and sometimes tears, makes me happy.”