Sewing by Maria Reid


Offering a range of sewing-related products, including placemats, aprons, fabric books, hot pads, table runners, coasters, Christmas tree skirts and more, Sewing by Maria Reid is a labour of love.

“I have always loved sewing,” says Maria, who has been in business for 30 years. “With two boys, I was a bit limited on what I could sew for them, so I eventually branched out to other sewing.”

Her first By Hand Festival – an annual event in Wawa giving crafters an opportunity to showcase their many talents – was in 1990, and she hasn’t missed a show since.

Aiming for aesthetics and practicality with her products, Maria also appreciates the ability to make her own schedule as an entrepreneur.

“I think people appreciate knowing the person that made their items,” she said of why small businesses are so critical to local economies. “They feel a bit of a connection and know that what they are getting is unique.”

She keeps her product line fresh by sourcing high-quality supplies from a variety of places.

“Whenever I travel, I always go into local fabric and quilt shops,” says Maria, who adds, “Every shop has a different selection.”

Just like she has for the past three decades, Maria is planning to carry on sewing for many years to come.