Reiki and Meditation with Tina

Tina Smith, owner of Reiki and Meditation With Tina, offers reiki and meditation services for both individuals and groups.

A Japanese technique that emerged in the late 19th century, reiki is aimed at reducing stress while promoting relaxation and healing. Also known as “energy healing,” it goes hand in hand with meditation.

“I discovered the power of reiki and meditation when I used them in my personal recovery journey. I was hooked and began to study reiki and meditation more in-depth,” says Tina of the inspiration for her business.

“I realized just how effective these practices are in helping people to increase their state of wellness. Gaining the certifications and training to share these practices with others seemed like the natural thing to do.”

In being an entrepreneur, she enjoys the freedom to offer her services in ways that resonate with herself as well as her clients.

“I want them to feel the peace and happiness that comes with being more connected to themselves.”

In business for nearly seven years, Tina was advised to keep her name simple and direct. After consulting with a numerologist, who confirmed her name – Reiki and Meditation With Tina – is in a “high vibrational alignment,” she decided to keep it.

“When people are feeling good and more connected to their true selves, they are more empowered and productive,” she says of the power of small business. “Individuals can then offer more of what they are gifted and skilled at, thus generating more happiness, more wellness and more money.”

Adding to her suite of other services, Tina will begin offering meditation groups this September.