Project Silver Lining

by Magan Gagnon

Working under the banner of Project Silver Lining, Magan Gagnon offers home decor such as wooden signs, linens, planters, mugs and more.

A long-time crafter, Magan was inspired to take her “love for crafting” to the next level in 2013, when she started her business.

“As they say, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day of your life.’”

Magan’s business name – a play on the well-known idiom – relates to crafting’s role in offering a ray of hope in otherwise negative situations

“My projects are what helped me find the silver lining during some difficult times,” she says, adding the personal challenge to come up with new creations is what she enjoys most about being an entrepreneur. “I try to have a variety of items to sell, so I’m always searching up and down to see what ideas come to mind.”

Magan also likes networking with “so many other inspiring entrepreneurs,” she says, adding small businesses play a major part in the local economy.

“The more locally supported we all are, the more we can give back to our families, our community and other small companies.”

Self-identifying as an artist, Magan says the way her customers feel about her products – “good” or “inspired” – is not her responsibility.

“When it comes to art, each individual needs to feel their own emotions in regards to a piece; otherwise, it wouldn’t be unique.”