Mir-Made Apparel

by Mirinda Patterson

Mirinda Patterson has spent the past three years creating handmade clothing, embroidery and hair accessories for her business Mir-made Apparel.

She was inspired to set up shop when her son was born and she had trouble finding store-bought clothing for him.

“I wanted to create clothing options that would be durable and long lasting, making it cheaper to buy clothing as well as more environmentally friendly, which is really important to me,” says Mirinda, who started making hats from upcycled thrift store shirts before expanding her product line.

Mir-made Apparel is a take on her nickname, “Mirmaid,” which her friends and husband have called her for many years. She changed the spelling to Mir-made to reflect the handmade nature of her products.

“I love creating something from nothing,” she says about what drives her entrepreneurship. “I like to upcycle and find creative ways to make new things. I don’t see patterns; I look at pieces of clothing and like to figure out how to make them.”

Each time she tries something new, it’s a “big experiment,” adds Mirinda.

“I also love choosing the prints for my clothing. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from, and I love to find unique prints that reflect the lifestyle we live here in Wawa.”

Her goal is to make her customers fall in love with her products.

“I want to show them that high-quality, long-lasting clothing is worth the extra cost up front. I want them to know that everything I make is made with love and care—right at my dining room table!”

Shopping locally is also much more sustainable than shopping online, she says.

“Textiles create a huge amount of our planet’s waste. It is much better for the environment to buy natural fibre clothing that is ethically made.”

For materials, Mirinda uses high-quality natural cotton with unique prints to “reflect the beautiful nature that surrounds our community,” she says.

“I spend a lot of my time scrolling for that one special print that jumps out at me.”

In recent weeks, she’s been working on new products, including embroidered bows, clips and hair ties, for the upcoming fall market.

“I have also been working on more rompers and would like to add ‘grow-with-me’ sweatshirts to my collection. I also would love to add some more adult clothing.”