Judy Moore Catering

Offering catering for events both large and small plus baking and workshop services, Judy Moore is no stranger to the kitchen.

Although she comes from a family of cooks and bakers, she didn’t envision starting a catering business earlier in her life.

“I would cater family parties, and soon people started requested me to cater for them,” says Judy, who graduated from the Hotel and Restaurant Management program at Ontario’s Sault College in 1985.

After raising her children through the 1990s, Judy began developing a business that has evolved slowly but surely over the past two decades.

“I love designing different menus for people and events that go with the style and location of the event,” she says about her favourite part of being an entrepreneur. “This is one of the reasons I don’t have set menus for events: since I cater in many locations, I let the venue dictate the menu.”

Hoping to impart feelings of delight and joy with her food – love is, after all, the main ingredient – Judy uses whole foods as much as possible.

“I’ve always preferred to use local, seasonal products,” she says, adding small businesses like hers and her suppliers’ “add interest and flavour to the community.”

“They can showcase the talents and skills within a community, and they can also provide employment and a larger tax base while filling the needs of residents.”

Judy says putting her name behind her business was an easy decision, especially while she was forgoing advertising and “keeping things small.” When she opens her new building on 59 Broadway Ave. –  in the heart of downtown Wawa – she will transition to a new business name that better reflects what she offers.