Inspired Moments Photography

By Kylie-Marie Anderson

Kylie-Marie Anderson, the owner of Inspired Moments Photography, offers photography sessions for special occasions like weddings and family events, including newborn shoots, as well as landscape canvas prints.

“I always had a passion for taking photos,” says Kylie-Marie. “I love capturing beautiful landscapes and freezing memories that will last forever.”

She has been in business for four years, during which time she settled on her company name after some personal reflection.

“Previously, the name of my business was after my name, but I decided it didn’t suit well,” says Kylie-Marie. “I felt inspired by our Earth plus I captured memories and moments for our clients, so I felt ‘Inspired Moments’ connected personally with what I do, and I thought it sounded very elegant. I hope that others feel the love and happiness in the memories I capture for them.”

Being an entrepreneur, she especially enjoys the control to work whenever she wants, however she wants and with whoever she wants.

“I love being able to work around my husband’s schedule and love the ability to work from home while raising our family,” she adds.

Local photographers like Kylie-Marie serve critical roles in promoting the area’s true colours.

“I feel that if I capture the beauty of our surrounding areas, it will encourage people from all over to come and visit our area. I do believe photography and photographers are important for our local economy because we share the beauty that others may not see.”

Looking ahead, she’s hoping to open a studio, where she will sell landscapes on canvas, by next fall or early 2022.