Green Cabin Pottery

By Cindy Jozin

Cindy Chiupka-Jozin ventured into the world of pottery two years ago, following a mentorship with James Sanders (FloodMud Studio).

“I was enjoying the process of creating pottery and learning about glaze chemistry with Jim. I continued my learning journey by taking summer courses. I decided it was time for me to build my own workshop and business,” says Cindy, who now offers her own handmade functional and decorative pieces as Green Cabin Pottery.

“I have a green cabin at a nearby lake, and one day, I would like to be making my pottery there,” she adds, explaining the origin of her business name.

Her favourite things about being an entrepreneur are social and practical: Cindy enjoys the opportunity to meet people and provide them with something local and representative of the Wawa region.

“I want customers to be satisfied that they have a quality product. I feel that the pottery can be a joy to use or bring happiness to those who receive my pottery as a gift,” she says.

The same goes for tourists and other visitors to Wawa: “We can provide locals as well as visitors something special to remember us,” she adds. “They will feel welcomed and happy to return to our community.”

She finds her tools of the trade in various places – kitchen stores, craft stores, thrift stores as well as in nature (pressing flora into her clay). Cindy is a frequent customer of Oakville’s Pottery Supply House. Her 77-year-old father has been her assistant in the pottery workshop. He has created the image of Lake Superior that is found on much of her pottery.

“I enjoy creating new pieces and am working on making bread baking dishes as well as trying my hand at a fermentation crockpot.”

After a long teaching career, Cindy is set to retire in 2021 before transitioning into pottery full time!