For the Loaf of Bread

by Judith Keijzer

Judith Keijzer understands the importance of nutritious, hearty food.

That’s the main focus of For the Loaf of Bread, her organic, slow-rise sourdough bread business launched in the Netherlands several years ago. Several months ago, she crossed the ocean to set up shop in Wawa.

“I’m into good and tasty food that feeds instead of just fills. Coming from Amsterdam, I missed my slow-rise sourdough bread, so I started baking with the starter I brought from Amsterdam,” says Judith, who added her new neighbours served as her “guinea pigs.”

“When we thought it was good enough, we started sharing it with other people, too – at first by donation, but to be able to keep on baking, I needed to start selling the bread.”

She has now been in business for nearly three years – two years at an organic market in Amsterdam plus several months in Wawa – and so far, she enjoys “the freedom of sharing what you love.”

“I want them to feel nourished after eating my bread, and I would like them to understand that time is an underestimated but very important ingredient of a good product.”

Her next goal is to expand production beyond her current limit of nine loaves a day.