Effigy Wood Sculpture

by Adam Martin

With a passion for wood as a medium of art, Adam Martin has been creating large sculptures for more than a decade.

The owner of Effigy Wood Sculpture, Adam has whittled wood since he was a child. Over the years, as he became more familiar with the various tools and techniques of the trade, he expanded into large wooden sculptures, carvings, bowls and spoons.

“If you’ve heard the phrase ‘burnt in effigy,’ the word may have a negative tone,” he says. “Effigy simply means a sculpture or model of a person, but I do sometimes burn my sculptures slightly to add a desired effect, so the term resonates with me.”

The wood he uses is usually reclaimed from dead trees after being removed by an arborist.

“It’s a great feeling to give these logs a new life as a sculpture instead of burning it or letting the entire tree rot away,” says Adam, who adds his bowls are made from burls, which are bulbous growths on trees with unique and gnarled grain. “This grain gives the bowl both strength and interesting patterns.”

While he personally loves the creative process, he also enjoys seeing his final products stir emotions in other people, too.

“I want folks to be intrigued by my work and realize the impactful statement that these pieces can make in their household.”

It’s not just his art, however—Adam’s business plays a vital role in the local economy.

“Arts and crafts are so important to any community, big or small. It’s that ‘extra’ that makes life worth living.”

He’s eager to carve a series of owls in different sizes and wood species in the coming months.